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Hodgson Concrete, Inc., founded in 1898, operates as the southern division of Kirkpatrick Concrete.

Hodgson Concrete

Hodgson Concrete
Montgomery, Alabama
MONTGOMERY AL 36108-5114

Hodgson Concrete has long been a part of building Alabama. When James Hodgson founded the company in 1898, raw material was delivered by horse and mule-drawn carts and mixed on the job site.

As manufacturing technology and vehicle production progressed during the 1900s, so did Hodgson Concrete’s methods of making and delivering its products. As each new generation of the Hodgson family took over the company’s reins, it infused new ideas, innovations, and applications into its ever-expanding product line.

Hodgson Concrete serves metropolitan Montgomery with four ready-mix plants. Over the last 11 decades, the company has stood out by tackling sophisticated, demanding projects that many of its competitors avoided, including water treatment plants, concrete frame buildings, and bridge construction.

Always willing to invest in the latest equipment and technology, Hodgson Concrete’s state-of-the-art plants include a high degree of automation and updated equipment that ensures customer needs are met in a qualified, efficient, and timely manner.

How can we help you?

  • NORTHERN DIVISION: 256-582-3274
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  • HODGSON CONCRETE: 334-281-0730