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Cement Production, Southern California

The National Cement Company of California was formed in 1987 to acquire the General Portland cement plant in Lebec, CA. The original Lebec plant was built in 1966 to serve the rapidly growing demand for portland cement throughout the southern half of the state of California.

National Cement California operates a state-of-the-art cement plant. It has been modernized with technologies which eliminate land filling CKD waste and greatly reduce energy consumption and air emissions. Today the Lebec Plant is a low-emissions energy-efficient cement facility. The last modernization also expanded our cement production capacity.

We are a company committed to serving our customers over the long-term and we are always ready to further modernize or change its operations to meet both the demands of its customers and new environmental standards.

In addition to manufacturing cement, National Cement Company of California's ready-mix subsidiaries (National Ready Mixed Concrete Company, Builders Concrete, Viking Ready Mix and Golden Empire Concrete) serve the California region's needs for high-quality residential and commercial concrete products from their numerous batch plants which cover the diverse markets of Southern California and the Central (San Joaquin) Valley.


The Influence
of 14 Nationalities

Making people the center of our business is a philosophy that has driven National Cement decade after decade. It’s simple. Find good people, give them room to explore and grow, and success will follow.

Another key philosophy is giving our employees an appealing environment to flourish. Long careers are the bedrock of our success.

Respect is another component baked into our company philosophy. National Cement’s customers have placed their faith in us just as we have in them. Our customers have remained loyal to us over the decades because of a mutual respect National Cement has built. They know they will get the best from us at every turn, in every crisis, and until the job is completed.

One of the many reasons we never limit ourselves when it comes to finding talent is the unexpected surprises diversity brings. A new idea may be a proven practice elsewhere. A fresh take on a common practice can mean a huge benefit for our customers.

Constantly learning and exploring is what has kept National Cement at the top of the industry for decades. Respecting our people’s solutions and input will keep us there.


Lebec Operation Acquired by Vicat in 1987

Cement operations began in 1967 at the current plant site in Lebec, California. The company was purchased by the Vicat Group of France in 1987. Backed by continuing committment and a steady exchange of technology and know-how, National Cement and Lebec continue to grow together.


Pacific Western Industries announce plans for new cement operation near Lebec, CA


Lebec operation goes online in December 1967


European cement producer Societe des Ciments Vicat of Grenoble, France acquires the operation.