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Respecting the Environment

Because our business activities, especially in quarries, place on our shoulders a burden of responsibility with respect to biodiversity, we have taken a stand in favor of natural balances. Consequently we strive to:

  • minimize the effects quarrying has on natural surroundings,
  • create new habitats favoring the establishment of different species, whether during the quarrying phase or subsequently.

We are accustomed to working in these fields with a number of stakeholders, e.g. local authorities, nature associations, hunters’, anglers’, and farmers’ federations.

Circular economy centered on production processes

To optimize the use of natural resources (raw materials and water) needed for our production processes, we have adopted a circular-economy strategy. Over many years we have also developed industrial expertise for harnessing the materials and energies available where we work. This includes work on new technologies for modernizing industrial processes in order to spare natural resources as much as possible.

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