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Caring for the Workforce

At National Cement, we cultivate strong community focus. Conscious of our social responsibility as an international industrial group, we carry out CSR actions in all the countries in which we work. With respect to human resources, we are committed to ensuring that all our employees work under the highest safety conditions and, taking account of the diversity of profiles, have equal opportunities and a rich and open career.

National Cement: An Inclusive Group for All Profiles

Diversity, which the Group sees as a strength, is a concrete part of our human resources policy which seeks to:

  • take action in favor of diversity in all our subsidiaries, combat discrimination on a daily basis, advance gender equality.
  • With respect to gender equality, in a highly masculine work environment, we are committed to making progress every year.

Working in Safe Surroundings

The health and safety of Group employees, together with the employees of subcontractors, is of primary concern. National Cement’s safety culture is shared by the entire workforce. The 'zero accident' strategy is designed to boost the occupational health and safety culture by inciting exemplarity, discipline, and commitment by all.

Right to Whistleblowing and Whistleblower Protection

Vicat Group employees are entitled to raise the alert, in good faith and for no personal gain, about a situation where they know or suspect the law and/or the Code of Ethics and/or Code of Anti-Corruption Practice is being or has been violated. In this kind of situation, the Group employees can refer the matter to their line manager, to their human resources manager or to their compliance correspondent. If these discussions do not result in a satisfactory answer, the Group has created an on-line form on its website where violations can be reported.

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